Internal Investigations

When initiating an internal investigation, you need to act decisively. A proactive response allows you to begin to understand, assess, and mitigate your risk. While a delayed or reactive approach can damage your reputation, disrupt your business operations, and expose the enterprise to undue harm.

shutterstock_201253355Most law firms are too deliberative to conduct an optimized internal investigation. By the time they conclude their preliminary assessment and begin to develop and deploy an investigative plan, crucial time and data is lost. Further, most law firms are composed of legal generalists. They lack the specific subject matter expertise to optimize the investigative process.

Our team of former prosecutors, intelligence analysts, and forensic specialists begin to place your enterprise in an active posture from day one. When necessary or desirable, we can deploy to multiple domestic or international locations on very short notice. And we have the experience and expertise to begin to immediately produce actionable information and sound counsel.

Government Investigations

Government investigations can damage your reputation and disrupt your ability to conduct business. In the worst case, they can lead to civil liability or criminal prosecution. At the first indication that the government has initiated an investigation focused on your business, you need to act quickly to defend your interests.

shutterstock_89410054 copy_walking peoplec2 professionals are drawn exclusively from elite government institutions, including the Department of Justice, the US Senate, and the Intelligence Community. Our former prosecutors, government investigators, and forensic experts have broad experience conducting and defending against government investigations. And we are highly skilled at responding to subpoenas or inquiries from federal prosecutors, state prosecutors, or investigative agencies. We understand the complexities of government investigations because we have vast experience serving as government investigators.

Should a government investigation advance, c2’s bench of former prosecutors has the necessary insight and experience to mount a vigorous defense of your interests. Our white-collar defense group has defended prominent companies and executives against a variety of federal and state prosecutions. And our disciplined approach to case management ensures that results and cost control are both valued.

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